How-To-Do-It Articles

for Antique Mechanical Music Machines


Usually when a new endeavor is inaugurated it enjoys a splash of fanfare, but this new section on how-to-do-it articles begins quietly and with only a single article on how to changes a Link endless music roll. While an article so mundane as changing a music roll might not seem to be prestigious beginning, what was your initial impression the first time you looked at the looped mass of music roll paper in a Link coin piano, and maybe wondered if it was even possible to successfully change the music roll without destroying it?

The hopeless mess - a Link endless music roll.

(Photograph courtesy of Rusty King)

The hopeless mess--a Link endless music roll
installed on a Link Style 2B cabinet piano.

But whatever the case, whether you are a Link fan and need to learn how to change an endless roll, or not, enjoy this how-do-do-it section. Additional how-to-do-it technical articles will be added as time and availability permits.

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