Philipps Pianella Model 14
Paganini Geigen (Violin) Orchestrion

Interior view of the Philipps Model 14 Paganini in the Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement, Utrecht, Holland.

Interior of the Philipps Pianella Model 14 Paganini Geigen (Violin) Orchestrion. In the swell chamber at top right the various ranks of wooden violin, flageolet, and flute type pipes intermingle with the bright metal resonators of the clarinet rank (2nd row from the front). The 44-tongued harmonium is probably directly behind the swell chamber.

To the left of the swell chamber is the trapwork section, with its drums, tambourine, triangle, and castanets. Part of the xylophone action is visible to the left of the 10-station roll changer, while the bell action is on the right side. Occupying the bottom of the chassis is the large vacuum and wind-pressure feeder system.