Wurlitzer Style 30A
Mandolin PianOrchestra
Philipps Pianella Model 30 (Monopol-Xylophon)
(Terry Hathaway Collection, Summer of 1965)

Terry Hathaway's unrestored 30A PianOrchestra soon after receiving it.

When this picture was taken in the Summer of 1965, the 30-A PianOrchestra has just recently been acquired from Dave Bowers, and then shipped to Santa Fe Springs, California. It had been a long, hot, journey from distant Vestal, New York, riding in a padded Mayflower Moving Van. Apart from a light dusting, no cleaning or restoration work had yet commenced.

As the tired old PianOrchestra sat happily in its new home, for me, just having possession of the instrument, where it could be touched, studied, and admired, no matter how filthy it was, seemed enjoyment enough for the first few weeks of ownership.