Wurlitzer Style 33
Mandolin PianOrchestra
Philipps Pianella Model Silvana-Xylophon
(Krughoff collection, 1999)

Magnificently restored case for the  Wurlitzer style 33 Mandolin PianOrchestra.

This frontal view, with a myriad of tiny electric lights brightly glowing, shows off the PianOrchestra's magnificently restored casework, making it a delicious delight to the eye. Imagine the spectacular nature of the PianOrchestra when it was introduced, and was the leading edge of modern technology, before most people even dreamed of owning an automobile, or even had electric lighting in their home or place of business. These were marvelous machines during their heyday, and provided the absolute best in quality that recorded music could then offer.

Note the beautiful replica Wurlitzer "Wonderlight" located above the center niche.