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Bill Wineburgh Music Box RecordingsA selection of CDs of Regina Disc Musical Box Music, rendered by the "Music Box 15" system.

This web site offers a selection of compact audio discs (made by Jack Perron Associates) of Regina Disc Musical Box Music, as rendered by the "Music Box 15" system. This site also sells various music box discs, Ampico rolls, Duo-Art rolls, as well as standard 88-note player piano rolls. From the site's home page a visitor can access The Musical Box Museum, which is divided into the Cylinder Room, Disk Room, and the Clock Room, and that both describes and illustrates a wide range of beautiful musical artifacts.

Carlisle Music CompanySelection of Paul Eakins CD albums. Click this image to visit the Paul Eakins Nickelodeon Music page.

The musical legacy of the late Paul Eakins lives on through this web site (operated by his daughter, Patricia Eakins, and his grandson, Chris Carlisle), where you can purchase original recordings of Paul's famous collection of historic mechanical musical machines. The recordings were made during the heyday of The Gay 90s Village, Inc., which began operation in the 1950s. The "Village" is where the collection of machines was originally housed, in the Million Dollar Museum, Sikeston, Missouri. Later, The Gay 90's Melodie Violin Museum was opened in St. Louis, Missouri. Both museums were closed in the 1970s, when Mr. Eakins sold the bulk of his collection.

Carousel MusicA selection of choice band organ CDs offered by the Carousel Music web site.

Anyone fascinated by Carousels and the wonderful band organs that accompanied them will enjoy the incredible musical repertoire offered by this web site. Cassette tapes and CDs of historic band organs abound, with a smattering of Tangley Calliope, Wurlitzer Caliola, orchestrion, and photoplayer music available, too. Classic organs ranging from the tiny Wurlitzer style 103 organ up through the styles 105, 125, 145, 146, 148, 153, 165 and the gigantic Wurlitzer style 180, along with beautiful examples from builders like Artizan, Bruder, Gasparini, Gavioli, Hooghuys, Richter, Ruth, and North Tonawanda, make this an absolute treasure trove of historical musical entertainment. If you like band organ music this is definitely one place to go!

D. C. Ramey Piano Company

Ramey Banjo-Orchestra CD Albums.Home place for the new Ramey Banjo-Orchestra, this distinctive web site features extensive information on both the Encore Automatic Banjo and the Banjo-Orchestra, with audio CD recordings of the Banjo-Orchestra, as well as a selection of easy-to-read books on the subject. Additionally, for anyone wanting to revisit the nostalgic sights and sound of the late Al Svoboda's once famous Nickelodeon Tavern as it was during its heyday, there are several audio CDs available, plus a DVD video tribute to Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern presenting its history circa 1908-1986.

Diamond Cut ProductionsSelection of Diamond Cut CD albums. Click this image to visit the Diamond Cut Productions's products page.

Diamond Cut Productions offers audio computer software and a wide selection of CD's filled with music taken from the original Edison Lateral "Diamond Cut" Electric Masters, some music being from previously unreleased Edison recordings. The two men behind the site are participants in the restoration and preservation of thousands of original Edison masters housed at the Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, New Jersey, giving them access to a treasure trove of heretofore unreleased Edison Lateral Cut music.

Frick Museum Store CD/DVD Page

Frick Welte CD album.The Frick Welte Style No. 6 concert orchestrion, located on the enclosed porch of Clayton, the Frick mansion, was purchased by Mr. Frick in 1892 at the recommendation of his business partner Andrew Carnegie. During the year 2001 the Frick Art & Historical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (, released Orchestrion Favorites from the Frick, a new compact disc album that was professionally mastered and produced, and that captures the very heart and essence of the magnificent Frick Welte. This beautifully manufactured compact disc is filled with popular and classical renditions that really demonstrate and show-off the huge instrument, and that allow anyone the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting sounds of this classic mechanical musical treasure in their very own home.

Golden Leaf GalleriesGold Leaf Galleries CD Albums.

The Wurlitzer Rolls - Gold Leaf Galleries web site offers a selection of band organ rolls for Wurlitzer Style 125, 150, and 165 band organs, and in addition also has available a broad selection of carousel band organ CDs. But wait, there is more, much more, because Gold Leaf Galleries is also a gift shop with an extensive array of novelty items and trinkets galore—many with mechanical music themes and some not.

Klavier Music ProductionsSelection of Klavier Music Productions CD albums. Click this image to visit the Klavier Carousel and Circus Music page.

This company offers an impressive array of quality recordings. For automatic music enthusiasts there are two sections that will be of special interest. First, there is the "Carousel & Circus Music" section, with calliope and band organ CD's. Next, visit the "Organ" section, which offers, amongst others, several CD's of Tom Hazleton playing the beautiful San Sylmar 4-manual Wurlitzer.

Nancy Fratti Music BoxesImage link to Nancy Fratti Music Box CD albums.

Nancy Fratti Music Boxes, formerly Panchronia Antiquities, has been specializing for some 39 years in antique musical boxes, cylinder and disc box restorations, restoration supplies, books, and mechanical music recordings. She offers an extensive selection of mechanical music recordings in both cassette tape and CD formats. The various titles feature musical boxes, early flute clocks, orchestrions, street organs, carousel organs, DeCap Dance Organs and more.

Wilfried Hömmerich (drehorgel)Selection of CD albums offered by Wilfried Hömmerich. Click this image to visit the Wilfried Hömmerich web site.

Wilfried Hömmerich, located in Bonn, Germany, offers a large selection of CD's featuring all kinds of street organs, ranging from small organ-grinder type instruments all the way up to large and impressive classic Fair and Dance Organs. Additionally, anyone wanting to savor music rendered by a modern Dance Organ ought to consider buying the CD of Wilfried's Happy Robot Orchestra, a large key-frame operated dance organ advertised as representing a 16-man orchestra.