About the Author

(Art Reblitz)

Arthur A. Reblitz has restored automatic instruments and arranged music for them since the mid 1960s. A professionally-trained musician who is equally fascinated with music and mechanical things, he has enjoyed studying these instruments and their music, and collecting data on how they work, ever since he first saw an orchestrion at age seven. His shop, Reblitz Restorations Inc., has restored automatic instruments for the collections illustrated in this book and many other public and private collections.

Other books by Mr. Reblitz include Piano Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilding; Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding; Treasures of Mechanical Music (with Q. David Bowers); and The Mills Violano-Virtuoso (with Michael L. Kitner). He has written articles for The Guidebook of Automatic Musical Instruments and The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers, the Bulletin and Journal of the Musical Box Society International (MBSI), the Bulletin of the Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors’ Association (AMICA), the Journal of the Piano Technicians Guild, and The Coin Slot magazine.