What they’re saying about
The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments—

a few of the hundreds of nice comments we’ve received
at Mechanical Music Press:

"This new book is without a doubt the finest book on automatic musical instruments that will be published in our lifetime…. I dare say it is every bit as essential as Bowers’ Encyclopedia. Don’t miss it!"….Rob DeLand, BluesTone Music Rolls, Grayslake, Illinois

"No other book on this subject can ever `top' this! The photography is so superb and the text wonderfully written."….Doug McGee, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

"The book is at once magnificent, impressive, and informative!!! Congratulations on a job well done. I will keep my copy on hand and refer to it often."….Q. David Bowers, author of The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments

"It is splendidly beautiful—in all regards. I enjoyed the stories, with technical details interwoven, as they are in actual life. It will be a treasured item on my bookshelf."….Terry Hathaway, historian, restorer, and co-owner with Q. David Bowers of Hathaway & Bowers, a major firm dealing in automatic instruments circa 1967-1972

"It’s spectacular. You did a great job bringing together many different elements and perspectives. The photos are superb. It’s a job well done. Please accept my warmest congratulations on preparing a book that will win accolades for years."….Fred Dahlinger, Jr., director of collections and research, Circus World Museum, Baraboo, Wisconsin

"The book arrived at 5 PM yesterday, and I read it until 4 this morning. I forgot the time completely! We have never had a better book on the subject."….Fredy Künzle, Fredy’s Mechanisches Musikmuseum, Lichtensteig, Switzerland

"I cannot praise this staggering contribution to the automatic music hobby too highly. It should re-excite present collectors and open up an entirely new horizon for those just becoming interested. Every university library should also own a copy. The quality of scholarship, graphics, printing, and photographs are of such an extraordinary caliber it is amazing that the price can be so low."….Robert Ridgeway, curator, The Victorian Palace

"An unprecedented and splendid work of color and information, which sets a new standard of design quality to which all future literary works in this field will now be compared. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone who is interested in this subject on any level."….John Rutoskey, Maryland

"This is a must-have book! Not only is it the best looking book I have; it’s also the most interesting book of its type that I have. Once the reading begins you will not want to put it down. It is worth every penny. It is re-igniting my passion for mechanical music."….Sam Harris, North Carolina

"I highly recommend this new book. It is an outstanding achievement. After some 35+ years in this delightful avocation, I was astounded at the amount of new information. Run, don’t walk, to your keyboard and order it. It’s well worth it."….Terry Smythe, Manitoba

"I just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your new book. It’s absolutely unprecedented. The color photos are magnificent, and I will be soaking everything in for years. It will be right next to the Encyclopedia—off the shelf, in use all the time!"….Brian Smith, California