Wurlitzer Style 16 Mandolin PianOrchestra

Original Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Original Catalogue Specifications:

61 Note Musical Scale:


Chronological History:

Circa 1912/14
Chassis manufactured by J.D. Philipps & Sons, Bockenheim, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

Circa 1913
Chassis imported by Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, New York.

All electricals added by Wurlitzer. External, wrap-around furniture case, with integral floor, manufactured by Wurlitzer.

Shipping Ledger: R. Wurlitzer Co., Minnesota., June 16, 1913.

Shanghai Cafe, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Shanghai Cafe was a Chinese restaurant, which reportedly had live canaries flying about the dining area.

Circa 19??
Osborne Klavestad collection, Stagecoach Stop, Shakopee, Minnesota.

Osborne Klavestad was a full fledged Medical Doctor. Upon graduating from medical school he went to New York City to practice. After about two weeks he decided that being a Doctor was not for him, eventually settling in Shakopee, Minnesota, and opening a tourist attraction, the Stagecoach Stop. When he purchased the PianOrchestra is unknown, but the instrument was restored circa 1970 by Oswald Wurdeman.

Mr. Wurdeman once remarked to David Bowers, circa 1965, in regards to an inquiry regarding any PianOrchestras that he might know of, that he had once made a tool tray out of one of the front doors of a style 16 PianOrchestra. Apparently, by sawing around the "channel" in the front door, he was able to fashion a convenient tool tray.

Circa 1981-82
Bowers collection, Hew Hampshire.

The instrument was restored for the Bowers collection by Tim Westman, New Hampshire. Restoration was completed in September of 1983, and the PianOrchestra was delivered to the Bowers collection soon thereafter. The two missing original lighted art-glass domes located on either side of the top of the case were replaced.

Sanfilippo collection, Illinois.

Wurlitzer style 16 Mandolin PianOrchestra in the Sanfilippo collection.In 1989 the Wurlitzer Style 16 Mandolin PianOrchestra became part of the extensive Sanfilippo collection. It is unknown how much additional restoration work might have been accomplished while the PianOrchestra has been in the Sanfilippo collection.


Information provided by Art Reblitz, Dave Bowers, Tim Westman and Terry Hathaway.


Circa 1912 Wurlitzer catalogue; Tim Westman and Dana Johnson.